Macarons or macaroons?

Oh this is a tough one and much debated. I say macaron and you say macaroon…

What I always say is that in France my little colourful discs of almond meringue sandwiched with buttercream, jam and ganache are called macarons. As the macaron originated in France I am sticking to macaron. Plus when I was growing up a macaroon was made with coconut. But I know its not that straightforward – Michel Roux Junior (of French descent and classic French chef) who trained to make macarons in France calls them macaroons! What made me laugh too was Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood calling them macaroons (MB) and macarons (PH) on one of the episodes of the Great British Bake Off.

Whatever you choose to call them – they still taste wonderful! Here is a photo I found on the internet which I think perfectly sums up the magic and the mystery of the macaron.


Macaron or macaroon? You decide.

Why choose macarons for your wedding?

On Sunday I was at East Riddlesden Hall at their wedding festival. It was a fast and furious 3 hours with 120 couples coming through the doors with their Mum’s and Dad’s, Aunts and Uncles and friends.

The first responses to my display was usually ‘wow – they look amazing!’ And the first question was usually ‘do you have these instead of a traditional wedding cake?’ My answer is always ‘yes and no’!

Yes – macaron wedding towers do make a wonderful alternative to a traditional wedding cake and dressed with flowers like this one  they make a stunning display.

Macaron wedding tower, macaron wedding cake

No – macaron wedding towers work exceptionally well with a traditional wedding cake – like this one where the wedding cake provides the base for the macaron tower

Macaron wedding tower, macaron wedding cake

Or this one where its on the top of the macaron wedding tower

Macaron wedding tower, macaron wedding cake

Or this one where the cake is in the middle of the macaron wedding tower

Macaron wedding tower, macaron wedding cake

Combining macarons with a traditional wedding cake means that there is still a cake to cut but it has the added advantage of the macaron tower too.

But macarons can also be part of a wedding dessert table – where a traditional cake might be the centrepiece. Here they are displayed in storage jars.

macaron dessert table

and here on stacked vintage cake stands

macaron dessert table

So why choose macarons for your wedding? Well I think I have proved they look amazing and offer something a little bit different. But it doesn’t stop there. I think you should choose macarons for your wedding because they taste truly amazing. Phoebe Miller from the award winning wedding blog ‘So You’re Getting Married’ said of my macarons “They are the most glorious things I have ever tasted”. As she is a connoisseur of all things macaron I hope that shows you that my macarons are that little bit extra special.

A macaron wedding tower can also have a range of flavours. My obsession with macarons is to ensure I create a truly wonderful mouthful of chewy meringue loveliness with true unadulterated flavour. Its about creating a taste sensation that suprises and delights the eater. With a full macaron tower I can make you up to 6 different flavours  – so  you choose a favourite for everyone. And of course I also offer a bespoke service where I can create your very own wedding macaron flavour – how cool is that!

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