Making Raspberry Macarons and the Sadness of the Last Jar of Jam

As you will know by now virtually all my fruit macarons are made with fruit I have either grown myself, picked from friend’s gardens or foraged. I love ‘local’, seasonal’ and ‘food for free’.

This year’s raspberries grown in a friend’s garden were exceptional – they were filled with exquisite juicy, fruity raspberryness – flavour that I have never had from shop bought raspberries.


When I make jam I always put in less sugar – it means the jam takes longer to reach setting point but it does intensify the fruity flavour and makes the jam or jelly a little less sweet – I sometimes think the sugar can overpower the flavour if you aren’t careful.

I made several jars of jam that I have used for making macarons for weddings over the Autumn, Winter and Spring. And then of course comes the day when you only have less than one jar left – just enough for one last batch of raspberry macarons. And today is that day.

Jar of raspberry jam

This jam is going to be used on an order for a special 70th birthday party celebration. With it’s secret centre – these raspberry macarons are really going to pack a powerful fruity punch.

raspberry macarons with secret centre

As I say under ‘Flavour Inspiration’ my fruity secret centres are special, seasonally limited editions and subject to availability. So what happens now? Well I am waiting patiently for my friend’s raspberry canes to grow so I can go and pick some more to make in to jam. And this is the love of using local and seasonal produce.