A Mexican themed wedding with a very special Tequila macaron

So what macarons do you make for a couple getting married and who love all things Mexican? Tequilla macarons of course!

These macarons were filled with a white chocolate ganache laced with tequila and lime zest, with a secret centre of tequila jelly and a sprinkling of sea salt! The macarons turned out to be lovely and complex – the type of macarons where your taste buds go on a little journey of different flavour sensations. This is what Becky Cakes from The Travelling Tea Ladies said, “I was lucky enough to taste one of these macarons and it was as amazing as it looks. A real tequila hit with Lynne’s clever tequila jelly centre. The lime came in gently encased in white chocolate gorgeousness and was left with a lick of salt on the palate”.

Many thanks to Charlotte from the wonderful Legend Bridal Designs Ltd who asked if I could create a ‘Mexican’ macaron for her friend’s wedding – I just loved being able to create this new and very special flavour.

If you would like me to create a special bespoke flavour just for you then please get in touch so we can have a chat.

Tequila macarons bespoke wedding gift

Gin macaron

A bespoke wedding macaron made with gin

When Amy asked if I could create a gin macaron for her wedding I was delighted to say yes. Not only am I partial to a G&T myself I just loved the idea of developing a new macaron flavour. I knew creating a gin macaron would be a challenge as getting the flavour of alcohol in to any chocolate ganache is quite tricky if you want to get it right.

Amy’s preference with her gin was lime so I made a white chocolate ganache laced with gin and some punchy lime zest. If I said it didn’t take me long to get the flavour right I would be a liar! To retain the gin flavour required an amount of gin that just made the ganache too runny for a macaron filling. With quite a bit of playing around (and about 4 hours) I decided I had a wonderful tasting ganache – just like a truffle with a zing of lime and a subtle after taste of something alcoholic – but you know what? It just didn’t taste of gin.

As you will know my signature macarons are those with a secret centre usually of home made jams and jellies. But it struck me that maybe I could create a gin jelly secret centre? And that’s just what I did. I must say that what I created was something very special. A wonderful smooth, creamy white chocolate ganache with the tang of lime zest and then a really powerful gin kick.

I thoroughly enjoyed creating Amy’s special gin wedding macaron and I think maybe Amy did too, ‘Absolutely, truly amazing. Lynne, you are a wonder to behold’.

Gin macaron

Many thanks to James at Sugarbird Photography for this wonderful shot of my gin macarons.

If you would like me to create a bespoke macaron flavour for you then please ring and have a chat – I am always up for a challenge.


cherry bakewell 1

And the winner is……cherry Bakewell macarons

I love making macarons (okay I know you know!) and I love creating new flavours that entice and inspire.  But I thought it would be a lovely idea to see what flavours everyone else would like to see so I decided to do a Facebook competition. The winner was picked at random and their prize – well a box of macarons in their chosen flavour.

So Ruby Ellen and her cherry Bakewell macaron got pulled out of the metaphorical hat and these beauties were posted to her. We have an almond and cherry jam buttercream with a secret centre of pure jam. The shell is decorated with royal icing and it’s topped with a glace cherry.  I so enjoyed creating these macarons for Ruby Ellen and I do think themacarons look rather cheeky with their little red noses!

This is what Ruby Ellen said of her cherry Bakewell macarons,  “My macarons just arrived in the post! They are the most delicious macarons I have ever tasted.. I couldn’t resist but to try one for breakfast~

cherry bakewell macarons cherry bakewell macarons cherry bakewell macarons

Creating new and bespoke macarons is something that I love doing so if you are thinking of a particular flavour that isn’t listed on flavour inspiration then just get in touch and we can talk over the options of developing a new flavour just for you.