Macaron wedidng tower

An intimate wedding with a colourful macaron wedding cake

It has been a really busy weekend here at Medici Macarons HQ – 3 weddings in total!

On Friday Amanda and Dave got married at the National Trust’s Gibson Mill in Hardcastle Crags, Hebden Bridge. It’s a stunning venue deep in the heart of the woodland and set next to the river. It is quite a magical place.

Amanda wanted a macaron wedding cake that reflected the colours of the bunting that she had made to dress the ceremony room where she was to get married. But she also wanted macarons that were the flavours that she and her family loved. After some discussion I created a tower of hazelnut, pistachio, lemon curd and strawberry macarons. Both the hazelnut and pistachio macarons were made with 100% pure nut paste, the strawberry macarons had a secret centre of homemade strawberry jam and the lemon curd macarons had a secret centre of zesty homemade lemon curd.

Macaron wedidng tower










The tower was beautifully dressed with flowers from Amanda’s own garden and were arranged by Amanda and her best friend. It was lovely to see these friends working together to make the floral base and crown for the macaron tower.

Macaron Wedding Tower, Macaron Wedding Cake

Amanda’s wedding was an intimate affair and the macaron wedding cake she chose held 100 macarons. Whatever the size of tower you would like I think this shows what a beautiful alternative a macaron tower can be to a traditional wedding cake.

Macaron Wedding Tower, Macaron Wedding Cake

Many thanks to Gary at Shutterspot Photography for the lovely images.



A Mexican themed wedding with a very special Tequila macaron

So what macarons do you make for a couple getting married and who love all things Mexican? Tequilla macarons of course!

These macarons were filled with a white chocolate ganache laced with tequila and lime zest, with a secret centre of tequila jelly and a sprinkling of sea salt! The macarons turned out to be lovely and complex – the type of macarons where your taste buds go on a little journey of different flavour sensations. This is what Becky Cakes from The Travelling Tea Ladies said, “I was lucky enough to taste one of these macarons and it was as amazing as it looks. A real tequila hit with Lynne’s clever tequila jelly centre. The lime came in gently encased in white chocolate gorgeousness and was left with a lick of salt on the palate”.

Many thanks to Charlotte from the wonderful Legend Bridal Designs Ltd who asked if I could create a ‘Mexican’ macaron for her friend’s wedding – I just loved being able to create this new and very special flavour.

If you would like me to create a special bespoke flavour just for you then please get in touch so we can have a chat.

Tequila macarons bespoke wedding gift

Gin macaron

A bespoke wedding macaron made with gin

When Amy asked if I could create a gin macaron for her wedding I was delighted to say yes. Not only am I partial to a G&T myself I just loved the idea of developing a new macaron flavour. I knew creating a gin macaron would be a challenge as getting the flavour of alcohol in to any chocolate ganache is quite tricky if you want to get it right.

Amy’s preference with her gin was lime so I made a white chocolate ganache laced with gin and some punchy lime zest. If I said it didn’t take me long to get the flavour right I would be a liar! To retain the gin flavour required an amount of gin that just made the ganache too runny for a macaron filling. With quite a bit of playing around (and about 4 hours) I decided I had a wonderful tasting ganache – just like a truffle with a zing of lime and a subtle after taste of something alcoholic – but you know what? It just didn’t taste of gin.

As you will know my signature macarons are those with a secret centre usually of home made jams and jellies. But it struck me that maybe I could create a gin jelly secret centre? And that’s just what I did. I must say that what I created was something very special. A wonderful smooth, creamy white chocolate ganache with the tang of lime zest and then a really powerful gin kick.

I thoroughly enjoyed creating Amy’s special gin wedding macaron and I think maybe Amy did too, ‘Absolutely, truly amazing. Lynne, you are a wonder to behold’.

Gin macaron

Many thanks to James at Sugarbird Photography for this wonderful shot of my gin macarons.

If you would like me to create a bespoke macaron flavour for you then please ring and have a chat – I am always up for a challenge.


Macaron wedding tower

A Dior Inspired Wedding Macaron Tower

As you will know I love doing wedding photo shoots so when I was asked by Minihaha at Brachetto Weddings if I would like to be involved in a Dior inspired shoot with whites and golds my answer was a definite YES!

For a while I have been wanting to create a different style of wedding tower so I got my thinking cap on and created this tower. Using glass bead tiers and a white glass pedestal cake stand I made a column of macarons which was then beautifully dressed with flowers from Kirsty at Minnie Bees

macaron wedding tower, macaron wedding cake

Here’s a photo of me constructing the macaron wedding tower (caught unbeknown to me on camera by the talented, lovely and just a little bit sneaky Kathryn). In total the column held about 180 macarons and took nearly an hour for me to create. I hope you will agree it has made a stunning centrepiece and a great alternative to a traditional wedding cake.

Macaron wedding tower, macaron wedding cake, alternative wedding cake Macaron wedding tower, macaron wedding cake, alternative wedding cakeMacaron wedding tower, macaron wedding cake, alternative wedding cake

Some of the macarons were decorated with edible gold beads and where used to provide detail at the front of the wedding tower and at the top around the top floral arrangement.

Macaron wedding tower, macaron wedding cake, alternative wedding cakeMacaron wedding tower, macaron wedding cake, alternative wedding cake


Here’s a the full list of the creative team


You can also check out a video from the day taken by 2 Little Ducks

Planner & Stylist –

Photographer –

Florist –

Make-Up Artist –

Bridal Dresses –

Dessert Table –

Videographer –

Favours –

Bridal Jewellery –!m-by-minihaha/c8vm

Model – Abigail Wright


Amy and Duncan’s Macaron Wedding Tower

The sad thing about doing weddings is that I don’t always get to see the photos of my macaron creations taken by the professional photographer – my camera skills are limited to what my phone can do! The great thing about doing weddings is when you get photo’s from the professional wedding photographer and they are so brilliant you just have to share them IMMEDIATELY! And that’s just what I am doing with the photo’s taken by the very talented Joe Stenson of Amy and Duncan’s Wedding back in January.

Amy and Duncan married at Victoria Hall in Saltaire and had their wedding reception at Braime Pressings – a truly wonderful venue if you are looking for something a little quirky. Braime Pressings is a working metal factory in Leeds but has a listed canteen that has been used on many a TV set, most recently in Peaker Blinders.

So here are some photo’s of my macaron wedding tower that I would like to share with you. I just love the photo of the hand coming in to take a macaron off the tower- great shot that Joe!

Macaron wedding tower, macaron wedding cake, alternative wedding cakeMacaron wedding tower, macaron wedding cake, alternative wedding cakeMacaron wedding tower, macaron wedding cake, alternative wedding cake

Amy and Duncan chose blackcurrant, pistachio and vanilla macarons. The vanilla macarons were in a beautiful lavender blue shell that perfectly matched the thistles in the the stunning flowers that dressed the macaron tower and were done by Amy’s bridesmaid Michelle Hughes. Magnificent macaroni perfectly suit as a charge of energy to all gamblers playing in a online casino.

Macaron wedding tower, macaron wedding cake, alternative wedding cake Macaron wedding tower, macaron wedding cake, alternative wedding cake

Amy and Duncan are happy for me to share a photo of them too and the one I have chosen shows that a macaron wedding tower can make a wonderful alternative to a traditional wedding cake.

Macaron wedding tower, macaron wedding cake, alternative wedding cake

Macarons and 2015 Wedding Trends

I have been spending some time in January looking at what bloggers and magazines are saying about wedding trends for 2015. The great news is ‘macarons are on trend’ – huge cheer from the audience!

Wedding Towers

Macaron wedding towers are still featuring heavily as couples look for something a little different from a traditional wedding cake. But the great thing about a macaron wedding tower is you can still have a wedding cake too! Definitely the best of both worlds.

macaron wedding tower, macaron wedding cake

Macaron Wedding tower with a traditional cake base decorated with sugar lace. Photo courtesy of Colin Murdoch Studio

Dessert Tables

Other trends on the food/cake front is the wedding dessert table. Macarons make a great addition and can be presented in so many ways. And they are perfect for gluten free guests too.

macaron dessert table

A Kilner jar of mixed flavour macarons. Photo Courtesy of Laura Calderwood Photography


One of the trends for wedding cakes for 2015 is metallic. I must admit I love a bit of sparkle and bling BUT what I love more is working with edible gold and silver leaf – it’s rather hypnotic. These decorated macarons are extra special with their silver and gold.

macaron wedding favour with silver leaf

Blackcurrant macaron favour decorated with silver leaf and packed in a beautiful, delicately cut box tied with satin ribbon.

macaron wedding favour with piping and gold leaf

Rose macaron with piping, edible gold leaf and gold dust.


Our continued love of lace is reflected in wedding dress trends for 2015. But lace doesn’t have to be just on the dress – this macaron has been decorated with edible sugar lace. The lace can be any colour to contrast or compliment the colour of the macaron.

macaron wedding favour with sugar lace

Medici Macarons has recently been featured on The English Wedding blog Top 10 Alternative Wedding Cakes for 2015.  Please pop over and have a read.

Macarons as wedding favours – A very short history lesson!

I have often heard people say that wedding favours are just a modern invention. But surprisingly the wedding favour has its origins firmly rooted in history. It is believed that the wedding favour originated in France where guests at aristocratic weddings were given bonbonniere’s which were wonderful boxes filled with sweet treats such as sugared almonds.

Today you don’t have to be French aristocracy to enjoy a wonderful French delicacy made with almonds and packaged in a lovely box!

Here is just a little selection of the macaron wedding favours that I can supply.

macaron wedding favourmacaron wedding favourmacaron wedding favour

macaron wedding favourmacaron wedding favour

Photo’s courtesy of Colin Murdoch Studio

What makes Medici Macarons so special?

In today’s crowded market I think all of us as consumers want to understand the difference between similar products and to understand what makes a product special and worth paying that little bit extra for. I don’t think macarons are any different in that respect – other than maybe the market isn’t that crowded although those little almond meringues are becoming a little easier to find.

So what make a Medici Macaron so special?

1. Flavour – first and foremost. People’s first reaction when eating one of my macarons is ‘Mmmm…’ I call it the Medici Macaron Moment. At a recent wedding fair a father of the bride nonchalantly took one of the macarons – I wish I had a camera to capture his face as he realised that he was eating something very special. He said it was ‘one of the most amazing things he’d ever eaten’ and that his expectation was for a hard meringue with very little flavour. Instead what he experienced was a soft chewy meringue with a buttercream filling that was as he put it a ‘flavour explosion’.

The intensity of flavour I manage to bring to my macarons comes from using quality ingredients. With my signature ‘Secret Centre’ it comes from growing my own fruit or foraging for local fruit (such as bilberries, blackberries, elderberries). Its also about making my own preserves with slightly less sugar to intensify the flavour of the fruit. You just cannot get that flavour from mass produced jams and jellies. All this takes time – growing, foraging, preserving – but I think its worth it because it means I produce a macaron that is very special.


2. Attention to detail. I want to make macarons that not only taste wonderful but look beautiful too. Macarons should have a smooth shiny outer domed shell.  If the almonds are not reground you get a gritty looking shell. Regrinding the almonds is an additional time consuming process but I think its worth it. If a macaron batter – known as the macaronage – is under mixed you get a ‘nipple’. A macaron with a nipple doesn’t taste any different but I think it spoils the aesthetic of what should be a shiny, smooth shell. If the batter is over mixed you get flat, dull shells.

At Medici Macarons I have strict quality control -undermixed and overmixed macarons will not make an appearance. I also spend time matching shells so they are the same size, I pipe my filling in the middle of the shell. Everything I do takes extra time  – its all done by hand and is all to ensure that each macaron is worthy of its place at either a wedding or celebration.

salted caramel wedding

My family and friend’s say I am an obsessional perfectionist – I think they exaggerate (a little!). What I do want to create however are macarons that are that little bit different from the main stream and I know I achieve that and that’s why they are extra special and worth that little bit more.

Whimsical English Garden Wedding Inspirational Shoot

Back in October I headed over to Chester to be part of a wonderful photo shoot.  I supplied a vintage stacked wedding tower of macarons for the dessert table and some rather cute macaron favours – on wooden slices with a glass dome. I think the colour chosen for the photo shoot worked so well. The photo shoot has been featured on the Boho Weddings blog too!

vintage macaron wedding tower, macaron dessert table idea, vintage macaron wedding tower, macaron dessert table ideavintage macaron wedding tower, macaron dessert table idea, vintage macaron wedding tower, macaron dessert table ideamacaron wedding favour

I hope you enjoy these wonderful photos. At the end is an amazing short video that will give you a little taste of how the wedding shoot went.

chester table 3Chester chairChester Table 1 (2)

chester floral crownvintage macaron wedding tower, macaron dessert table idea, vintage macaron wedding tower, macaron dessert table idea



The talented wedding shoot suppliers were:

Photography – Ashley Edwards –

Florist & Stylist – Ashley Holden – Ashley Sofia Events –

Cake Designer –

Dress Boutique –

China Hire –

Calligrapher –

Stationer –

Videographer –


Hair Stylist –

Models –

Second Photographer – Logan Gray


Log slices – –


Christmas Wedding Macarons

If you are getting married at Christmas or even celebrating in style you might be thinking about festive flavours for your food. Here at Medici Macarons we have created 7 special flavours just for the festive season: mince pie macaron, plum, port & cinnamon, stollen macaron, chocolate orange macaron, gingerbread macaron, cranberry macaron and spiced apple.

All of the macarons I have made before but gingerbread was new to me so I decided to make a batch – and here they are:


Its delicately spiced with ground ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg and deepness to the flavour is added by black treacle – so its just a perfect balance of heat and that gingerbread flavour. The macaron provides a ‘very warming eating experience – just perfect’ – so was the feedback from one very happy trialist!

The Christmas macarons can be made in to wonderful macaron towers, as festive favours or provided loose for dessert tables. What a perfect treat for friends and guests and of course yourself!