Handcrafted macarons – what does that actually mean?

You will see throughout my website, Facebook and Twitter pages the word ‘Handcrafted’ – but what does that really mean? I think it is an often misused word so I thought I would let you know what I mean by handcrafted.

For me handcrafted means small scale production where all the macarons are made ‘by hand- by me’ – OK I admit I use a trusty Kenwood for whisking my meringue and buttecream! I pipe every macaron and I fill every macaron by hand. That means that there is a little more care and attention – I have strict quality control (no broken or misshaped shells allowed!), I match macaron halves together that are the same size, I try and fill a consistent amount of filling in the middle of the macaron (no overspills!) and I carefully sandwich the macaron halves together with what my friend described ‘a wiggle’. This does of course mean that it takes me longer to make a batch of macarons- but I think its worth taking that time to ensure my macarons are the very best they can be.

filling filling2

Photo credit: Fishwife Photography

As you would expect from a handcrafted macaron my macarons do often come out different sizes – so unfortunately I can’t accept orders for macarons that are ‘exactly’ a specific size. For this you need a machine.

I recently found this video on Youtube – I think its a fascinating insight in to large scale production and I watch it all the time. Please stick to the end – I think its well worth a viewing. It all in French but you don’t need to understand what is being said to understand what’s going on.

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  1. Lynne, I think the time and effort you put into these creations is something else, the tower of macarons you made (and I photographed) for Amy and Duncan looked sublime. Keep up the good work. J

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