Macarons and 2015 Wedding Trends

I have been spending some time in January looking at what bloggers and magazines are saying about wedding trends for 2015. The great news is ‘macarons are on trend’ – huge cheer from the audience!

Wedding Towers

Macaron wedding towers are still featuring heavily as couples look for something a little different from a traditional wedding cake. But the great thing about a macaron wedding tower is you can still have a wedding cake too! Definitely the best of both worlds.

macaron wedding tower, macaron wedding cake

Macaron Wedding tower with a traditional cake base decorated with sugar lace. Photo courtesy of Colin Murdoch Studio

Dessert Tables

Other trends on the food/cake front is the wedding dessert table. Macarons make a great addition and can be presented in so many ways. And they are perfect for gluten free guests too.

macaron dessert table

A Kilner jar of mixed flavour macarons. Photo Courtesy of Laura Calderwood Photography


One of the trends for wedding cakes for 2015 is metallic. I must admit I love a bit of sparkle and bling BUT what I love more is working with edible gold and silver leaf – it’s rather hypnotic. These decorated macarons are extra special with their silver and gold.

macaron wedding favour with silver leaf

Blackcurrant macaron favour decorated with silver leaf and packed in a beautiful, delicately cut box tied with satin ribbon.

macaron wedding favour with piping and gold leaf

Rose macaron with piping, edible gold leaf and gold dust.


Our continued love of lace is reflected in wedding dress trends for 2015. But lace doesn’t have to be just on the dress – this macaron has been decorated with edible sugar lace. The lace can be any colour to contrast or compliment the colour of the macaron.

macaron wedding favour with sugar lace

Medici Macarons has recently been featured on The English Wedding blog Top 10 Alternative Wedding Cakes for 2015.  Please pop over and have a read.

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