Macarons or macaroons?

Oh this is a tough one and much debated. I say macaron and you say macaroon…

What I always say is that in France my little colourful discs of almond meringue sandwiched with buttercream, jam and ganache are called macarons. As the macaron originated in France I am sticking to macaron. Plus when I was growing up a macaroon was made with coconut. But I know its not that straightforward РMichel Roux Junior (of French descent and classic French chef) who trained to make macarons in France calls them macaroons! What made me laugh too was Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood calling them macaroons (MB) and macarons (PH) on one of the episodes of the Great British Bake Off.

Whatever you choose to call them – they still taste wonderful! Here is a photo I found on the internet which I think perfectly sums up the magic and the mystery of the macaron.


Macaron or macaroon? You decide.

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